About Ridgewood

About RPS

GRADES: PreK – 12

Ridgewood is an independent, college preparatory, unit school in the New Orleans metro area. We are approved by the State Department of Education and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI).

Single Mission

Ridgewood Prep School is dedicated to a single mission: preparing students for higher education.

We accomplish this with enthusiastic professionals, a comfortable and private campus environment, and a traditional, well-grounded approach to education.

Total Education

Ridgewood encourages participation in a variety of activities that help prepare students for life’s challenges. Athletics, music, and other extra-curricular programs are also important to a student’s total educational experience.

Diverse Education

Ridgewood attracts students from the entire New Orleans metropolitan area, six parishes, and many nations around the world. Our diverse cultural setting promotes awareness, respect and enhances the social development of our students.

Focused Education

We focus on several key goals:

  • Growth in intellectual skills
  • Preparation for occupational choice, usually at the professional level
  • Awareness of physical and social environments
  • Deepened appreciation of aesthetics, philosophy, and religion
  • Responsible participation in home, school, and community

Our graduates attend public and private colleges and universities throughout the nation and world and become members of a wide range of professions.