Music – Band

Director of Band: Sharon Meyer

See also: (This site) (honor band information, etc.) (excellent practice resource)

Jazz Band — Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15-4:00 p.m.


Oct 21FOOTBALL vs. Varnado6:30 PM Call time
Nov 2LPO’s “Band Together”— HS @Orpheum Theatre $6—play-along 10:00 AM
Nov 4FOOTBALL vs. St. Martin's6:30 PM Call time
Nov 17LPO Open Rehearsal field trip—5th-8th grade @Orpheum Theatre
Nov 22Primary Concert—Grandparents’ Day1:00 PM
Dec 15Ione Rassmussen Memorial Holiday Concert2:05 pm
Dec 16Christmas Carols in the Park -Lafreniere7:00 PM -Volunteers
Mar 22-23LMEA LG. ENS. FEST. in Chalmette
Apr 27Primary Concert7:00 PM
May 4Sean Dunlap Memorial Concert7:00 pm