RPS Athletics


Developing sportsmanship, perseverance,
leadership, and teamwork.

As a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA), Ridgewood offers many athletic opportunities equal to those of any large school. Students compete in football, baseball, softball, girls’ and boys’ basketball, track, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. In recent years, teams have won district, regional, and state championships.

Athletic participation is a part of Ridgewood’s overall academic philosophy. Sports help develop fundamental characteristics through friendly competion:
> good sportsmanship
> perseverance
> leadership
> teamwork

The Ridgewood extracurricular sports program consists of junior varsity and varsity competitions. Junior varsity level may include students in the eighth grade. Students may participate in more than one sport at a time, provided there are no seasonal or scheduling conflicts.

Ridgewood follows the LHSAA guidelines regarding student academic requirements for participation:

> a student must have a minimum of a “C” average
> passing grades in 6 out of 6 subjects