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Jeunesse – April/May 2017

6 May 2017 | Filed in Newsletters

Volume 27 Number 8 April-May 2017

Congratulations to the following students for their placement in the Social Studies Fair held for fifth and sixth graders: In the fifth grade, third place to Taylor Mahoney for “FDR, the Hero of World War II;” in second place, Emma Shapiro for “The Assassination of JFK;” and in first place, Sofia DiVincenti for “ The Boston Tea Party.” In sixth grade, third place, Remy Mabile for “Who Was Julius Caesar?;” in second place, Keegan Cox for “The Inca Empire;” and in first place, Vijay Simma for “Trade Along the Silk Road.” Honorable Mention recognition was awarded to fifth grader, Anthony Santamaria for “The Miracle of the Panama Canal” and sixth grader, Jenna DeLatte for “The Roman Colosseum.”

Two sixth grade students placed in the 2016-2017 Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by the Elks Club, Lodge 30. Judah Lang won second place on the local level and first place on the state level. Jackson Melancon won first place on the local level and third place on the state level. Both students are invited to attend the Youth Day Banquet with their families, at which they will be presented their prizes. All students who participated in the contest also received a participation certificate.

The Spelling Incentive Program test was administered on 21 April. In the Middle School, sixth grader, Jenna DeLatte; seventh grader, Leah Munson; and eighth graders, Adam Raslan and Lily Shapiro had perfect papers. Congratulations on your achievement!

Congratulations to the following eighth graders for their accomplishments this season in track: Adam Aldahir finished first in the 3200 meter run at the Fisher varsity meet, finished second in the 1600 meter run at the St. Martin’s middle school meet, and also advanced to the regional varsity meet where he competed in the 3200 meter run. Naser Raslan finished second in the 800 meter run at the St. Martin’s middle school meet, and Adam Raslan finished second in the 3200 meter run at the Fisher varsity meet. Good job, guys!

Congratulations are also due for those who earned perfect scores on the Math Incentive Program Test which was administered on 1 May. Perfect scores were earned by the following students: eighth graders, Adam Aldahir, Adam Raslan, and Juntong “Tony” Zeng; seventh graders, Thomas Bowden, Wendy Kang, Willem Lang, Leah Munson, Derek Santamaria, Zachary Shapiro, and Minh Truong; and sixth graders, Nolan Almeida, Jenna Delatte, Zakaria Heyer, Sawyer Lang, Elias Reyes, Julia Rios, and Vijay Simma.

Special thanks to the parents and faculty who helped with the Fish Fry. Well deserved thanks to the students in grades Pre-K through ten and the members of all high school clubs who helped by assembling baskets that were raffled at the “fry.”

A closing ceremony for the eighth grade class will be held on Thursday, 18 May at 11:45 a.m. Eighth grade students will soon receive information about this event.

Final Exams for grades five through eleven will be administered from 18 May through 24 May. Exam schedules will be issued to students in grades five through eight on 16 May. Early dismissal – your child will be free to leave school after completing the exam. Please make transportation arrangements. Fifth and sixth graders will have until 10:30 to complete exams. Seventh and eighth graders may work until 11:40. Students are not permitted to bring any electronic entertainment/communication devices to school. If your child will be waiting for transportation, quiet games, board games, or books may be brought to school. Regular lunch will be available to students on a cash-only basis.

Report cards for the year will be mailed to each student’s home if there are no outstanding obligations such as overdue library books, sports uniforms, and the like.

The Ridgewood faculty and staff have enjoyed working with your children for the 2016-2017 school session. We are already preparing for next school year – making plans for campus improvements over the summer, and activities in the fall. Thanks to all who are developing these plans and helping make Ridgewood ever better!

We wish everyone a safe and happy summer!