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School Supplies -Middle/High School, 2019-20

1 June 2019 | Filed in School News & Announcements

The basics – Paper and pencils, pens and some folders. Please take note of the following grade-specific information.

Middle School students (5th – 8th) a short list of supplies will be given to students on Scheduling Day – 13 Aug, 2019. However, you should have anotebook for each class and loose-leaf paper, at a minimum.

High School students (9th – 12th) should have a notebook for each subject (students take at least 5 subjects), loose-leaf paper, pens (blue and black), and pencils. Once regular classes begin students will learn from their teachers if they are required to have any specific supplies. Some teachers suggest students either maintain a ring binder or pocket folders for storing written assignments or other resource materials.

Generally, students will learn from their teachers what they will need after school begins. We have some basic items for sale at school should your youngster need something at the last minute.

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