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31 Mar 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

Volume 25 Number 7 March 2015 The sixth grade art class visited the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) 25 February. Art teacher, Rita Bezou, accompanied the class, along with Lisa Mack. While there, the students viewed various styles of art and heard docents’ explanations of the art. The docents later complemented the students for [...]

12 Mar 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

CONFERENCE DAY The second scheduled Primary School Conference Day for grades Kindergarten – 4th will be on Wednesday, March 11. A letter indicating your appointment time was recently sent home and was due back today, Feb. 27. There will be no classes for students in grades PreK – 4th, and no Before and After School [...]

12 Mar 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

SPOTLIGHT ON STUDENTS Congratulations to the students in grades 1 – 4 who earned Honor Roll for the third six weeks grading period. 1st Grade: “A” Honor Roll: Derek DeLatte, Sara Ekaidi, Jonathan Kendrick, Ryker Mahoney, Donovan McElheney, Annabella Nicolosi, Sofia Pineda, Jaiden Tubre Honor Roll: Paige Dean, Majdeldeen Quraan 2nd Grade: “A” Honor Roll: [...]

28 Feb 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

Volume 25     Number 6     February 2015 The Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies Fairs were held on 5 and 9 February. Congratulations to the following students who placed. In the seventh grade, in third place was Caleb McCollough for “Weapons of World War I;” second place was Deen Ahmed for “The [...]

31 Jan 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

Volume 25                     Number 5                  January 2015 A belated New Year’s greeting from the Ridgewood faculty and staff! Some parents have asked for an explanation of exam grade values. When you saw your child’s report card you noticed that three additional columns had been filled. There was a grade for the third six-weeks, an exam grade, [...]

14 Jan 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

HAPPY NEW YEAR As we approach midterm, here are a few reminders to help everyone get off to a smooth start in the second semester. If, at any time, you have a question about any policy, please address your questions to your child’s teacher. *Check with your child concerning school supplies, and replenish where needed. [...]

7 Jan 2015 | Filed in Newsletters

Volume 25                       Number 4                    December 2014 Congratulations to Adam Raslan (saxophone) and Naser Raslan (trombone) on their selection to the District VI Elementary Honor Band. Congratulations also to the following students for their selection to the District VI Junior High Honor Band, Davison Drumm (trombone), Mateo McGraw (trombone), Song LeJeune (percussion), and Alexis Ross (percussion). [...]

8 Dec 2014 | Filed in Newsletters

Volume 25                  Number 3                  November  2014 The annual Awards Day ceremony was held on 18 November. In this event, awards were presented to the students who had the highest average in the last school session (the 2013-2014 school year). Fifth grader, Leah Munson; sixth grader, Adam Raslan, seventh grader, Davison Drumm, and eighth grader Song [...]

3 Dec 2014 | Filed in Newsletters

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY Thanks to all who joined us to make Grandparent’s Day very special for each of our students. The students were so very excited to share their school with their grandparents and special friends, and the teachers were happy to meet all of our special guests. SPOTLIGHT ON STUDENTS Congratulations to all Primary School [...]

3 Nov 2014 | Filed in Newsletters

EAGLET                                                                       NOVEMBER 2014 GRANDPARENT’S DAY Our twenty sixth annual Grandparent’s Day will be held on Tuesday, November 25, from 1:15 – 3:00. This afternoon [...]